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SCT-5545TBC Automatic Side Sealing and Shrinking Machine
    Publish time 2018-06-30 10:04    
  • Technical characteristics


    SCT-5545TBC is an automatic, automatic and unmanned economic side packaging machine developed by our company. It is widely used in mass production and packaging of the flow operation, automatic feeding, transportation, bag entry, sealing and contraction. High efficiency and suitable for different height and width of the products.

    1. the sealing section of the transverse blade is driven by the vertical type, the longitudinal knife adopts the international advanced thermostat side sealing knife, the sealing line is straight and firm, and the sealing line can be ensured in the middle position of the product to achieve the perfect sealing effect.

    2. The constant temperature heating and sealing system can be used to seal and shrink the shrinkable films of various industrial standards such as POF. Products with different package sizes can be completed only by hand wheel adjustment, increasing reliability and making it easier to operate.

    3, longitudinal sealing knife continuous cutting action, product length is not limited.

    4, the machine adopts the most advanced PLC programmable controller, with safety protection and alarm device, and the sealing and cutting system can make the sealing action continuously and smoothly, without replacement, the maintenance operation is very simple.

    5. Feeding length control is combined with electric eye detection and timer to control the length of the film accurately, so that the shrinkage effect can be controlled more easily.

    6. Add two sets of electric eye in horizontal and vertical electric eye to facilitate switching selection. For thin or small package, seal packaging can be done easily.

    7. Automatic coiling waste is controlled by a single motor. It will not be too loose or too tight.

    8, according to customer needs, add automatic blowing function 

    9. According to the needs, the front power feeding line and the rear end powerless storage platform can be selected.


    technical parameter:

    Product model
    SCT-5030 lx
    Outer size
    L1700×W9 7 0×H1 5 00mm
    Maximum Seal Size
    L 450mm

    Maximum packing size
    Length is not limited
    L   Unlimited×H500×W300mm
    Maximum packing size
    W+H 430mm

    Packaging speed
    20-35 / 分钟
    2500-3500 / 小时
    Net weight
    2 90 kg
    300 kg
    1. 8  kw
    Power Supply
    22 0V/ 380 V 50/60Hz
    3φ220V/380V 50/60Hz
    air source
    5.5 kg/cm 2